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Fabulous BlackFabulous Black


Feeling fabulous

What makes us feel fabulous? A combination of aspirations fulfilled, inner confidence, a sense of elegance, independent thinking and distinctiveness. Being fabulous comes from being assured, stylish, instinctive and being interested as well as interesting. Fabulous is both desirable and aspirational. Our brand was born out of a desire to reach fabulous people with an offering of distinctive luxury designer gifts and accessories.

Fabulous products

Fabulous black

The Fabulous Black collection includes our signature, limited edition, hand-made jewellery and silk neckwear, both of which feature our "gift of giving" hallmark design. As our brand name suggests, we focus on black and soft natural tones, with a timeless elegance.

Based in Scotland, we work with Scottish designers and producers and are committed to supporting up and coming as well as established artisans.

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Fabulous black

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